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Stay where it moves you with Van del Sol

Spots where you can spend the night.

Our "Merci" van stationed at the beach with open doors.

You are about to go out to spend the best vacation of your life, you have ventured and you are going on a roadtrip in a Van del Sol campervan. But, the question arises: “where can I stay for the night?”

Relax. We have taken care of making your stay the best in the world and since in Van del Sol you can stay wherever you find yourself, here’s a guide to places around Puerto Rico where you can spend the night safely.

Credits: Hacienda Juanita

Hacienda Juanita, Maricao

Located in the mountains of Puerto Rico, Hacienda Juanita is a quiet and perfect spot to spend a cool night in the center of the Island. You can park the van and use the water service for a modest cost per night. The beauty of the place is that it has nearby attractions such as the Maricao State Forest, dozens of waterfalls and ponds, coffee plantations, and much more.


  • Pet-friendly
  • Water
Credits: Pitahaya Glamping

Pitahaya Glamping, Cabo Rojo

Pitahaya Glamping is surrounded by beautiful beaches, starry night skies and native birds. Here you do not only connect with nature, but you can also spend the night and continue your road trip to the west. Nearby you can find areas for hiking and safe paths for biking. It is also endorsed by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company.


  • Water
  • Campfires
Credits: @iamthecho

Casa Grande Mountain Retreat, Utuado

Enjoy nature in all its splendor in Utuado. Casa Grande is a hotel where connecting with you is part of the experience. Here you can spend the night, use the water service and enjoy its beautiful surroundings. It has a restaurant, yoga classes, spa, pool and more.


  • Water
Credits: Cercadillo Camp Grounds

Cercadillo Campground, Cayey

Looking for a place where it's always cold in Puerto Rico? Cayey is for you. Cercadillo is a camping spot in the heights of Cayey with views of the mountains and the sea. It has water, showers, and electricity available. You can arrive in Van del Sol, spend the night, and live a camping-type experience enjoying the cold of the mountains while you warm up around a campfire.


  • Water
  • Light
  • Pet-friendly
Credit: @elmontaderopr

El Montadero, Isabela

Combine your vantrip with a camping-type experience in El Montadero. It borders the Guajataca Forest, full of nature and quiet areas where you can spend the night. You will also enjoy the sky full of stars at night, hiking areas, and sunsets that will take your breath away.

It is an extremely spacious place where you arrive with Van del Sol and create your own stay safely and with water available if necessary.


  • Water
Credit: @unamasymevoy_

Hacienda Monte Rey, Luquillo

Located in the east with beautiful views towards El Yunque, is the beautiful space of Hacienda Monte Rey. This space is extremely ecological, where nature is used as an ally without harming the surroundings. It has three camping areas, shared bathrooms with hot water and Wi-Fi.


  • Water
  • Toilets
  • Wifi

All these places are partners of Van del Sol. If you wish to spend the night in any of these places, you must contact them before arriving to make a reservation and secure your space.

Make your stay the best in the world and stay where it moves you with Van del Sol.

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