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What nobody will tell you about Van life

Get ready for an unparalleled adventure

Our van parked at the beach shore.

We know you spend your time looking at photos on social media about the life that people lead touring different parts of the world in a camper van. With Van del Sol, you have the opportunity to enjoy this lifestyle while enjoying a vacation filled with adventures.

But, we must warn you, this experience will be without a doubt, one that you will want to repeat. Therefore, we will tell you what nobody else will about the van lifestyle:

  • Discover unexpected places: you have the opportunity of going wherever you want in Puerto Rico. Whether it’s going around the island along the entire coast, going on a roadtrip through the Cordillera Central or going from the north to the south in search of the most beautiful rivers.
  • Save money: Unlike other types of stays, Van del Sol is two in one: hotel and transportation. Do the math and you will see!
  • Fall in love with minimalism: You learn to live with what is really necessary, in a small but extremely comfortable space with all the necessary utilities and accessories to make you feel at home.
  • Create your own itinerary: You can create the route to your liking and discover places that are not very popular but are full of magic.
A girl getting out the van with a boogie board on hand.

  • Have everything you need: Add accessories to take your adventure to the next level, such as bikes, paddle boards, boogies, surf boards, you name it! In addition, you always have all your personal belongings (in case you need them) at hand.
  • Create very cool content: Take advantage of every spot you visit and take incredible photos that everyone wants to know where they were taken.
  • Connect with nature: Every place you visit becomes part of your stay. Wake up with a beautiful view of the sea, sleep in the tranquility of the forest, enjoy the melody of the birds and sleep watching the stars. The options are endless!
Looking at a beautiful beach from the bed inside the van.

  • Learn to transform spaces: If it is your first time in a campervan, you will love being able to transform it inside for your comfort: a table becomes a bed, you open the door and you have a window.
  • Van life is eco friendly: Our vans have solar panels, thus reducing the carbon footprint.
  • It's perfect for sharing: Whether it's with your partner, your best friends or family, two to four people can stay in the van.
  • You will attract attention: You will see how everyone will want to know the van and will ask you about it.
  • Break the routine: When renting a camper van, you break the routine of a traditional vacation. In Van del Sol, you personalize it your way and you stay where it moves you anywhere in Puerto Rico.

In short, when going on a roadtrip in Van del Sol, the most important thing is to explore and create memories forever. In addition to your luggage, you just need the attitude to open your mind to new adventures and to make the most of your stay.

Have we convinced you? Remember that you can book both on our website, and on Airbnb or Join a Join.

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